Partnership Action on Tobacco and Health (PATH)


What was PATH?

Partnership Action on Tobacco and Health (PATH) was a joint initiative between ASH Scotland, NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Government which aimed to reduce the prevalence of tobacco use in Scotland. It supported the implementation of Scottish and UK government policies on tobacco and smoking.

Managed by ASH Scotland, PATH took a lead in a number of key developments to roll out and enhance evidence of good practice for stop-smoking services across areas of training, data collection, evaluation, prevention and cessation.

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  • National training standards for stop-smoking work in Scotland have been developed, as have training courses which are in line with those standards. In partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University, academically-accredited training modules in stop-smoking support have been created, and are delivered across the country by ASH Scotland Training Officers.
  • Young People's work, which aims to develop and disseminate good practice for working with young people who smoke, and support activities in prevention and cessation work
  • Inequalities-related work, which covers the range and breadth of all that PATH and ASH Scotland does
  • Good Practice Guidance, issued in spring 2010, which distilled the learning from funded projects and provides a 'checklist' for use with similar initiatives (tobacco control or otherwise)
  • Data Collection and Monitoring - making recommendations on data collection and evaluation of stop-smoking services. This includes the development of a smoking cessation minimum dataset and smoking cessation database, which is now managed by the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland.

Key partners, experts and professionals in the health and tobacco control field helped to inform PATH's work through Working Groups and extensive consultations.

If you would like further information about previous PATH work, please contact Linda Bates (Development Officer) by email via or by telephone on 0131 220 9481.