Examples of past work

  • National training standards for stop-smoking work in Scotland were developed, as were training courses which are in line with those standards. In partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University, academically-accredited training modules in stop-smoking support have been created, and are delivered across the country by ASH Scotland Training Officers.
  • Young People's work, which aims to develop and disseminate good practice for working with young people who smoke, and support activities in prevention and cessation work
  • Inequalities-related work, which covers the range and breadth of all that ASH Scotland does
  • Good Practice Guidance, issued in spring 2010, which distilled the learning from funded projects and provides a 'checklist' for use with similar initiatives (tobacco control or otherwise)
  • Data Collection and Monitoring - making recommendations on data collection and evaluation of stop-smoking services. This included the development of a smoking cessation minimum dataset and smoking cessation database, which is now managed by the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland.